Falling in love, Bay to Breaker-style

We humans have a nasty habit of not being grateful for what we have. We can forget where we are, always looking ahead and thinking about the next thing that we desire.

Hi there, it’s been over a month since I last posted. Sorry about that.

I’ve been focusing a lot of my time on a screenwriting class. Ever since I was in high school, I’ve thought about screenwriting. I didn’t have enough guts to go to film school. So it’s a trip to actually be able to learn and do a thing I’ve spent so much time just thinking about.…

Crawling caterpillars season

Since I can remember, I never really liked insects.

I can’t pinpoint a specific moment that might have triggered my disgust or this borderline phobia-like fear of things like spiders, cockroaches, centipedes and other similar creatures.

But watching “The Mummy” (1999) at the ripe age of 8 might have had an effect. Especially that scene where the black beetle attacks a character, gets under his skin and crawls around… Yeah that might have contributed to this irrational fear. Here is the scene if you really want to watch the moment I’m referencing.

Recreating ‘Pretty Woman’ opera scene

In a previous post I wrote about how unfortunately far San Francisco is from where I live in the Bay Area. On a good day it takes me about an hour to reach the southernmost tip of the city. So I don’t treat myself to many trips.

But when my mom was in town over Thanksgiving a few months ago, I shifted to a different mode — the mode I get into when anyone I love visits me. All of the sudden, I become this delirious tour guide, taking my guests anywhere and everywhere around me.…

Rain brings warmth to Bay Area

The weather in the Bay area is just plain weird. I’ve never lived in a place where microclimates are a thing.

There is San Francisco, the Peninsula, South Bay and East Bay. And each one of these areas has a slightly different climate. It is wild and cool.

When I first visited the Bay last summer, I only brought shorts and sundresses (As a former Chicagoan, I learned to appreciate every potential ray of sunshine). That attire was just dandy for Mountain View. But my ignorance of the local weather patterns backfired when one of the evenings I decided to drive up to the city to meet a friend for dinner and a short hike.

Carving out time for San Francisco

Moving and entering a new environment always comes with its drawbacks, even when you move to somewhere almost entirely objectively awesome like California.

I’ve lived in Chicago for about five years before moving to the Bay Area about four months ago. Right now it’s February – the coldest time of the year in the Midwest. So I am thankful I’m in a warmer climate, away from the bone-chilling polar vorteces and snowamageddons.

But I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss some things about living in Chi-Town.

I think most of the time the world is divided into people who love big cities and those who hate them.

Stargazing in tranquil parts of Bay Area

Stars, moon, comets. Whenever I look up and gaze at the sky, I’m humbled by the vastness of the universe. I love that feeling of insignificance you get when you look up.

Although for some, thinking of our planet as a tiny, meaningless glimpse in the abyss of, well, mostly nothing (or as some also call it dark matter), may be depressing, I’m a sucker for it.

I just love it when the universe puts me in my place.

“Stop worrying about your stupid problems, Alex,” the sky whispers lovingly when I look up after an overwhelming day.…