Hopping through mountains

I was on all fours, taking tiny, careful steps to stabilize my body on top of slippery crushed rocks underneath me. Every time I moved my feet, stones and pebbles rolled downhill.

I looked up the mountain slope to see which way to go next. But the ground was so steep ahead of me, it was hard to clearly see where the trail led.

The blinding afternoon sun stared back at me every time I raised my head, burning my exposed face, chest and arms. I breathed in and out, taking a moment to calm down my racing heart, and continued upward.…

Flatland resident relishes in hiking

One of the most exciting things for me about living in the Bay Area are the endless mountains and hills.

I’m new to uneven horizons. I’ve always lived in areas where the land is flat no matter which way you look: Moscow, South Florida and then Chicago.

During some early mornings in South Florida, clouds would float very close to the ground, and the sun would hit them in a way that created an illusion of rugged mountains somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

I remember being fooled by that illusion on occasion as I looked out of the window of my high school’s bus, still trying to wake up.