Rediscovering 1917 Russian Revolution

I left Russia when I was 13 for the United States, which meant that I didn’t get a complete education about my home country in school. This has been and is a source of some embarrassment for me.

The high school I went to in South Florida didn’t really concentrate in great detail on late imperial Russia or early Soviet Union when I was there. We had a general AP European History class that well… was very general.

I don’t remember learning much about the 1917 Russian Revolution. It wasn’t touched upon much or in great detail during my middle school history lessons in Russia.…

Learning, writing at Stanford

For those of you who don’t know me personally, I wanted to take the time to share what led me to the San Francisco Bay Area. This means telling you about my job.

I have the privilege of spending my 9-to-5 hours during the week at Stanford University, where I work as a writer in the Office of University Communications.

Working at any university is enlightening. But working at a university like Stanford is like sitting in the front row of a parade of revolutionary, transformative changes.

And I don’t just get to watch.…