Rain brings warmth to Bay Area

The weather in the Bay area is just plain weird. I’ve never lived in a place where microclimates are a thing.

There is San Francisco, the Peninsula, South Bay and East Bay. And each one of these areas has a slightly different climate. It is wild and cool.

When I first visited the Bay last summer, I only brought shorts and sundresses (As a former Chicagoan, I learned to appreciate every potential ray of sunshine). That attire was just dandy for Mountain View. But my ignorance of the local weather patterns backfired when one of the evenings I decided to drive up to the city to meet a friend for dinner and a short hike.

I went from sweating in traffic for an hour on the Interstate 280 to freezing once I stepped out of the car in the city, which is known for 50-degree foggy, windy summers. My tiny white dress was not appropriate anymore.

So there are a lot of things about the Bay weather that are foreign and new to me. I love a lot of them: low humidity is my personal favorite.

A rainy day on Stanford University’s campus. (Alex Shashkevich Photos)

The latest bizarre thing I learned has to do with rain, which California has had a lot more than usual lately if you haven’t checked the news.

Apparently, when it rains here, it gets warmer. It’s so weird and cool to hear people say, “Aw, man, it’s gonna rain all day… But hey, at least it’ll get warmer tomorrow.”

I love rain. The rhythm of droplets hitting the pavement is calming, and the air is so fresh afterward. So I’ve been loving this California winter.

I also don’t remember when was the last time I would see so many rainbows back to back to back. I’m talking double and triple rainbows. All. The. Way. (If you can’t tell, I love Internet humor.)

I snapped this photo during one morning on the way to work.

But it can get a bit frosty over here. There has been several mornings in a row so far when I walked outside to find my car’s windshield frosted over.

Still, I’m counting my blessings. Chicago’s winters and (Russia’s when I was a kid) have hardened me. I’ll take the Bay’s frosty couple of days anytime over the crazy snowpocalypses I’ve been lucky to survive through.  

So, it’s okay, California. It’s unrealistic for you to be sunny all the time.

Listening to a song about the sun while driving in the rain.

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